On Best Life Pinterest Images College 66 Colleges Collegebound w8BqtzNYC Nightlife is hot, but you could be left in the cold if you're underage. Luckily,  there are ways to get around the law. All you need are the essentials: a convincing fake ID, the right bar, and the right attitude. As an "underager," I've done  my fair share of sleuthing.

First off, you'll need a fake. I've tried slipping a bouncer a twenty underneath my real state ID, only to receive a raised eyebrow and a wave of the hand. I decided I'd have to try a little harder and put some cold cash toward the cause. There are many places to gain fakes and some things you should avoid:

If you have an older sibling, you're in luck (have the person call the DMV, say he or she lost his ID, and for $15 you'll have another copy!)

Don't get a fake ID from New York State. Most of them are rip offs, poorly laminated, and they don't scan. Use an out-of-state or international ID. I've been using my Turkish ID for around two years and I've never had a problem (I haven't even faked a thick, sexy accent!)

A hot spot to get your fake ID is Toronto. The cheapest ones are $40. You'll cop those in places labeled "Souvenir ID's."

The web provides another alternative. One of the top websites that will transform you into a British citizen is a site calledShould Murphy Undocumented Immigrants 's Licenses Have Driver vpEpw4qrx (blunt much?).  You'll have to send cash in an envelope (this makes it untraceable) to the site. After receiving this they'll ask you to fill in your information (name, address, etc.) and within two to three weeks you should be bar hopping in no time.

It's not only the ID that matters, but also your attitude and dress.Business Reddit For Ids Marketplace Instagram Fake And A Insider Have nqx8fPwUqa

Look confident. If you don't, the bouncer will know something's up. They're trained for this business.

Dress the part- ladies, if you have a baby face, doll it up with some crimson lipstick and strap on some killer heels.

Gentleman, you're in lukewarm territory as it is, so look sharp and trendy.

From my experience, I've gathered a short list of places that will help you get silly, and have an awesome time- on any night of the week.

Lit Lounge, 2nd Ave

Business Reddit For Ids Marketplace Instagram Fake And A Insider Have nqx8fPwUqa [Image via Electric Tickle Machine]

After passing through Lit's gates with ease, you'll enter into a cavern like basement with dim lanterns, invaded by scenesters and hipsters all who worship this creation by the street-style influential Vice Magazine. Bring some bills, or pregame a little bit before. Drinks are moderately priced, but not cheap.

The Levee, Barry St.

Business Reddit For Ids Marketplace Instagram Fake And A Insider Have nqx8fPwUqa [Image via Flickr.]

Ready to be unbelievably drunk, with zero expectations, and hands-on fun? Come to The Levee. You don't have to worry about running up a tab here. Shots are as cheap as $2, while their wide beer selection provides a wide pathway to intoxication. The best features of this bar are the games- Apples to Apples, darts, Buck Hunter, a pool table, pinball games, Jenga, and a "Buy Your Friend a Drink" chalkboard make this place hella fun. If you excel at drinking and dueling, head on over.

Sugarland, Driggs Ave.

[via Village Voice]

If you're exhausted from the Manhattan gay club scene, Sugarland's the place for you. This seductive newcomer sizzles the most on Monday's (Karaoke), Thursday's (Rebel Cupcake Burlesque Drag Competition) and Sunday's (Girl's Night), but I promise you'll be floored every night of the week. Whether packed or not, the eclectic music selection and $5 cover will have you smiling silly in no time. Tip: Once you're drunk, push your way through the bar and check out the rooftop patio decked in graffiti (a relic from the former dive Capone's) for a smoke break and a breather.

Empire Rooftop Hotel, W. 63rd St.

Bring your best looks and fattest wallet to the Empire Rooftop Hotel. Drinks are around $12-14, but if you're looking for a stunning view, this is the place. I'd say make this as a pit stop during your night's journey, or maybe for its end.

White Noise, Avenue B

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Formerly Uncle Ming's, newcomer White Noise brings an edgy, old-school New York, rock & roll vibe to Alphabet City. Despite all the negative reviews on Yelp about the brash bouncer, we walked right in without even being ID'd, no doorman in sight. Perks: black vinyl couches, cheap, cold beer, great decor, and hot bartenders. If you're really dedicated, their Sunday Hangover Party offers free artichoke pizza, microwave White Castle burgers, and a rock opera visual.

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